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Thank you for everything you did to help Camp Si-La-Meo provide a high-quality camp experience to our campers last summer. Without your support, we would not be able to meet our mission of providing every child with the opportunity to discover the best in themselves and others in a fun and safe learning environment!

Camp Fire Alaska 03/21/2016

I Captain Arlen L. Arneson find the M/V "M/V Storvik" to be in a seaworthy and safe condition. The M/V Storvik is perhaps in the best condition of any vessel I have surveyed in the 41 years of my career surveying vessels. Very seldom have I have the privilege to survey a 33-year-old vessel in a restored to Bristol condition as the "M/V Storvik". The vessel restoration was performed with excellent craftsmanship and quality part and labor.

anonymous 11/30/2016

Thank you. I am impressed. It took longer to get my main motor serviced (some place else). Never in my wildest dreams did I think the boat would be finished in two days. You guys are awesome.

Chuck B 09/13/2016

I own a 1997 Glacier Bay CC 220 that needed some fiberglass repairs (dings, scratches, spider cracks). I requested that the fiberglass repairs be made and that the boat be taken off of the trailer and examined all along the hull lines. I also requested that BWA replace the leaf springs on the trailer. When the work was completed, I was extremely pleased with the quality of the repairs. Buffing out the spider cracks in the motor wells confirmed integrity and gave me confidence in the boat's soundness. Through-hull fittings proved to be watertight and the boat performs as expected. Thank you BWA for another job well done!

Bobby W 03/19/2021

I came in with a small kicker that I inherited from my dad when he recently passed. Rachel and Rob took care of me like family. Professional from start to finish. I was looking for simple once over for a very old motor and a few minutes to explain motor ownership to my son so he can care for my grandfather's motor. Everyone at the shop was kind, asked me what my goals were, and delivered on promises. I know we were a small minor job, but I have found in life that sometimes how people treat you with the little jobs is very telling about the big service. I was impressed and would recommend this shop as a trusted business and worth every penny for the great service. It is difficult to find a great shop.....what a great experience!

Jennifer M 07/15/2016

BWA,Thank you for the excellent job you and your crew did on my Smoker Craft Boat. I especially appreciate the way you found problems that could have caused a dangerous situation later on. Thanks again,

​Mike G 05/15/2016

I have owned boats for over 10 years and just found Boat Works last year. They are professional in all they do and I have faith in their workmanship and that the work they do is done right the first time. It is a pleasure dealing with people who know the meaning of customer service! Thank You Boat Works!

Doug H 02/22/2016

BWA,Awesome work. You and your team do great work! 32' Nordic Tug

Tim B 01/23/2016

Thank you very much for the detailed report. Also, I am very pleased with your quick response and ability to visit Dewey's shortly after I contacted Boat Works of Alaska. The report appears to me, to be everything the potential buyer's bank will require. Also, it is quite comforting to know that you have landed extremely close to the same figure I did in regards to the price of the boat. This ensures I sell at a reasonable price, the bank can make their loan accordingly, and the buyer also knows he is getting what we think is market value.​ Ciao,

Joel 02/12/2016

I have been surveying vessels for Mr. LoMonaco for the past ten years. I have observed first hand Mr. LoMonaco's excellent craftsmanship, his attention to details and abilities to understand the requirements and maintenance required when rebuilding or repairing a vessel. I have from time to time counseled repairs or upgrades. Mr. LoMonaco has appreciated my input and followed my recommendation. I have in the past recommended to the vessel owners Mr. LoMonaco and Boat Works of Alaska and will continue to recommend his high quality services. Respectfully submitted,

Captain Arlen Arneson 01/02/2016

The undersigned is a Marine Surveyor and Maritime Claims Adjuster in Alaska. This company is also the Lloyds Agency for Alaska. Primarily, I handle maritime accidents and hull claims throughout the state on behalf of Hull Underwriters. I have worked with Boat Works of Alaska on two claims over the past years involving mechanical and extensive fiberglass repairs on two vessels. Both claims were handled by Boat Works of Alaska in an expeditious and professional manner. Both repair jobs came in on budget with no surprise overages or change orders. Once the vessels were delivered back to the owners, they were satisfied with the repairs. This office would be happy to see them assigned as the repair shop of future claims, and we look forward to working with them on future jobs. I understand they are looking to expand their facilities, which, in my view, would beneficially serve the marine industry, and vessel owners here in Alaska. PROFESSIONAL ADJUSTERS OF ALASKA, INC.

Peter Costello, ​Marine Surveyor/Adjuster 02/04/2016

Port Supply is a wholesale supply partner to Michael LoMonaco / Boat Works of Alaska. In my 13 years in the marine industry I have found few trustworthy craftsmen. By my own definition, a trustworthy craftsman is someone I would consider taking my own boat to. Michael LoMonaco and his staff run one of the few repair facilities I would put in the 'top notch' category. I have seen many businesses come and go for various reasons over the years. Boat Works of Alaska has a high level of business acumen and their customers come back year after year because they are thorough, detail oriented, and give sound opinions based on their personal experience. They look at the whole boat from the tires on the trailer to the all-around light at the top of the mast ensuring the customer has a safe, properly functioning, seaworthy vessel when they leave their facility. It is my opinion that they provide a fair, quality service which will keep them growing for years to come. With their new Mercury Diesel dealership, I expect even more great things from them. They don't take idle boats in their yard as they take only serious projects, with a clear start and finish. Due to his expert craftsmanship and attention to detail, we confidently refer our customers who are in need of restoration services to Boat Works of Alaska. This new facility, I feel, would greatly benefit the local boating community, as nearly the only choice for a multifaceted repair yard with storage & sales capability. A business model that is nonexistent here in Anchorage. In addition, I feel it will benefit the local economy by providing local jobs and services rather than having to leave town to get the work done.

Damien Frye 02/18/2016